Tenant Testimonials


Here are a selection of testimonials from the tenants of our properties around the Highlands. Want to leave one of your own? Contact us via tenants@hscht.co.uk.

Greener Homes Scheme Testimonials

“I was delighted when I heard I was lucky to secure a home through the Greener Homes Scheme. I had looked at other housing options beforehand and the cost of a mortgage and running costs of other properties would have been financially challenging for several years. All is all it’s a brilliant scheme which enabled me to have a foot on the property ladder sooner rather than later, thank you.”

“My wife and I are extremely pleased that this option was available to us. We absolutely love our new home and enjoy the small community aspect. We have had many small community events which have included Halloween parties for the children, 4th July events and many summer BBQ,s. We enjoy the setting very much our views are stunning. As for financial aspect this has been great, affordable allowing us to save our deposit to buy. We have used one electric heater a handful of times in the bathroom after having a shower during the worst part of winter. Other than that we have never needed to use our electric heaters in any other rooms as the log burner seems to heat the whole house. Very satisfied with our new home.”

Rent To Buy Scheme Testimonials

“It is a fantastic opportunity to buy our first home in a time period that would of been unrealistic without the scheme. It’s comforting to know that there will be the option to buy after the initial renting period and time and money spent on the house is in effect benefiting us.”

“The HSCHT are the best at providing houses for those who can’t afford their own or in my case a house to move around and enable me to get outside on my own, something I would not have been able to afford ourselves.
So if you are a single person or a family of five get on board the HSCHT they will never leave you out in the cold.”

“We absolutely love this property and it has enabled us to stay in the community we love and continue to contribute to local projects. We feel safe in the knowledge that we will be future owners and can afford the mortgage. If it were not for the scheme we would not have been able to buy in our community.”

“This scheme has made an enormous difference to our family. We finally have a home that feels like our own! It allows us to work towards home-ownership from a stable and affordable platform.”