Rural Housing Fund


The Rural Housing Fund (RHF) can help you:

– Build new homes
– C
hange buildings into homes
Make empty homes ready to rent or sell
The planned homes must be affordable and can be for rent or sale.
To get funding from the RHF you must:
– Have a building site or buildings chosen in a rural area of Scotland
– Show that there’s a need for affordable housing in the area
– Have council support for the homes
– Plan to work with the community
​- Be able to provide long-term affordable housing

You can’t apply for this fund if you’ve already started building work.

Fund options
There are 2 parts to the RHF:

  • the main fund to help get homes built, convert business buildings into homes or make existing empty homes ready to rent or sell
  • smaller fund to help you plan the building project, called the ‘feasibility fund’

To apply for the fund – CLICK HERE.

Further information can be found at

The Application Process.

The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust is able to assist to applications to the Rural Housing Fund. As well as assisting with the project itself. Please get in touch if you want us to help your community. We are already working with Coigach Community Development Company on one of the first projects to be be successful in their application to the Rural Housing Fund. To learn more about this project, CLICK HERE.

Further Guidance

Rural Housing Fund Guidance
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