Dr and Mrs J. Steven Faulds Memorial Fund


The family and friends of Dr J. Steven and Mrs May Faulds have created a fund in their memory to help individuals and families access affordable self-build housing plots across rural Scotland. The fund will help those who are eligible to purchase a plot of land so they can build their own home.
How does the Fund work?

The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) is administering the fund.
HSCHT will work with communities to identify suitable land to purchase, provide the necessary infrastructure, divide it into self-build plots, and then sell them to an individual or family for self-build purposes. If successful, the applicant will be able to purchase a discounted plot of land with full title on a shared-equity basis with a Rural Housing Burden and right of pre-emption attached.
(Visit http://www.hscht.co.uk/rural-housing-burden1.html to read more about the Rural Housing Burden).
Projects will be undertaken to an agreed programme at the end of which loans will be repaid to the fund.  This will allow HSCHT to use the fund again and again to help new communities.
Before fully applying, applicants must discuss the desire to build a home with an independent mortgage advisor. This is to ensure that they can secure a mortgage provider for a completed project that was self-built.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

If you wish to build a home but have not been able compete to purchase a house plot on the open market, this fund may be able to assist you. To be eligible, applicants must be able to demonstrate:

  • A permanent connection to the local community i.e. family or personal connection, employment
  • They have experienced difficulties in securing housing opportunities that meet the accommodation needs of their household
  • They are able to meet the costs of developing the plot; and
  • They have a clear understanding of the nature and limitations of the Rural Housing Burden

​Applicants to the fund will be prioritised in the following order:
Scottish Island Applications

  • Applicants from a remote rural location with a population of less than 500 people
  • Applicants from an accessible rural location with a population of less than 500 people
  • Applicants in social rented housing, insecure tenancies or unsuitable housing
  • A register of interest will be held by HSCHT, who will be in touch with applicants if a house plot becomes available for them in their preferred location.
How to Apply to the Fund
To apply for the Dr & Mrs J. Steven Faulds Memorial Fund contact The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust.
E: selfbuild@hscht.co.uk
T: 01463 233 548.